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About Us

Burritt Consulting specialises in providing legal and business advice to new and SME businesses. Based remotely enables to engage seamlessly anywhere.  Our clients are both national and international businesses  We have a particular expertise in helping US businesses working in the UK.

While we work with all types businesses, we have particular experience in these sectors:  



Media & advertising

E-commerce and technology

Outsourcing and SAAS

Unregulated financial services and investment marketing (particularly in the precious metals sector)


Our primary service is to act as a virtual in-house counsel.  This gives businesses access to highly experienced business-centric advice at the fraction of a cost of an external law firm.  You won't get a legal treatise from a junior lawyer that leaves you in doubt as to what to do or be blinded by legal jargon.  Instead, you get a practical, commercial solution from an experienced, hands-on advisor.  You'll get realistic choices and usable advice every time. 


What's more, you will benefit from proactive risk management and opportunity maximisation benefiting from our years of experience.


We also provide business consultancy drawing on our wide experience in and of a range of businesses.  From business plans to doing the deal.  We will be beside you.  If you have a particular project or issue, we can project manage it for you.  We will help to bring it in on time and on budget.

About us 

Our principal consultant is Conan Chitham who has over 25 years experience in providing legal and business advice to businesses.  Conan has served on boards both of companies and charities and has first hand experience  of the day to day issues businesses face that their lawyers rarely see.  

Over the last 9 years Conan has acted as a consultant in-house counsel to a range of top-tier businesses  including two of the top five largest global businesses.  His other clients have included those in  financial services (both regulated and unregulated), IT, outsourcing and SAAS, media and e-commerce. 

He is known for a pragmatic and straightforward approach and the ability to provide imaginative solutions to tricky problem.

How we can help 

We work best when we work as an intergrated part of your team, whether on specific projects or on general ongoing business matters.

We will discuss your needs, seek to understand your business and agree with you a way of working that gives your business the advice and support its needs.


Virtual in-house counsel

Contract negotiation

Business strategy

Project management

Law firm consultant support